Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kill Bridezilla!!!!

Okay, let me state for the record that none of my friends have ever morphed into Bridezilla while planning a wedding. (Although there is one who got married before I met her, and based on the pictures, the potential was definitely there....)
Anyway, I've heard enough horror stories to have a zero tolerance for brides-behaving-badly. My only complaint about either of the first two books of Nora Roberts' Brides quartet is that some of the brattier wedding party members did not get the comeuppance I felt they deserved. I therefore read with great interest of a new video game based on Visions in White. The game will follow the general plotline involving the four womem who run Vows, and will include features like hidden object searches and mini-games. No word on whether or not you get the chance to blow up the white limo or, better still, lob a wedding cake at Bridezilla, but a girl can dream....

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