Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goddess of the Hunt

Goddess of the Hunt
by Tessa Dare

This one was fun and a definite roller coaster ride of a story! It's also the first in a trilogy in the historical category, so more fun awaits.

Dramatic and impulsive Lucy is in love with Toby and has been for most of her life. Toby, a rake and flirt, is one her brother's best friends. So, naturally, she chooses his other best friend, Jeremy, to "practice" her feminine wiles on before she makes a play for Toby. (Makes sense to me, right?) Jeremy is perceived by Lucy, and indeed by all who know him, as a cold fish. Lucy thinks that if she can attract him, she can definitely win Toby away from the woman he seems about to propose to.

Jeremy's frigid demeanor, of course, is a cover for the poweful, roiling emotions he keeps tightly under wraps. The tragic childhood he endured has taught him to avoid everything to do with such messy things as feelings. Lucy is definitely in the "messy" category. He resents that he is attracted to her - and yet he cannot resist her. He is powerfully jealous of her love for Toby - and yet he doesn't want her for himself (or thinks he doesn't.) He hates that he can't control her impulsive behavior - and yet when he finally does have that power, he doesn't like who she becomes.

This author was a new find for me. I saw an interview she did on the True Romance section of Borders Media and found that we own all three in this trilogy. I plan to read the second in the set as soon as I have the chance.

~Submitted by Michele

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