Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cool Krentz Quick Castle website update!

As a big fan of the Arcane Society novels, I was thrilled to see the latest updates to Jayne Ann Krentz's website. Krentz, who writes the contemporary Arcane Society novels under her name, and who pens the historical entries under the name Amanda Quick, has added some nice features for fans of the series. In addition to a look into Arcane House, there is now a Society Museum and a J&J security "job application". That last is one of the more entertaining ways to sign up for an author's newsletter that I've seen. You can also follow Fallon Jones on Twitter; interesting to see what the secretive head of J&J would be willing to tweet about...
Those of you who also enjoy the Harmony series written under the pen name Jayne Castle will find much to enjoy as well -- the dust bunny book trailers alone are worth the visit. So while you're waiting for that next book to come out (Fired Up on 12/29) stop by the website visit some old friends.

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