Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Did you ever wonder what your favorite authors were thinking? Where they got their ideas? What inspired them?

Well, apparently Borders does. They have been producing a series of original programming housed on the website. There are all kinds of goodies here - interviews with authors, musicians performing songs from their cds, chefs preparing recipes from their latest cookbooks, even a section of yummy Book Club Recipes in the Kitchen section. The most innovative is a section where various authors are filmed in a sort of "home movie" mode walking through a Borders and pointing out their own favorite books, movies and music.

But the best part? The romance genre has its very own section called Borders True Romance. Sue Grimshaw is the romance buyer for Borders. She hosts not only a romance blog and a monthly list of "must reads", but also a great video interview program. Each interview runs somewhere between 10-15 minutes and is remarkably in-depth. I think the reason the quality is so high is because the questions are asked by someone who knows romance, someone who has probably read every book the author has written rather than just a quick perusal of the latest one for purposes of preparing for an interview.

It is fun to watch the interviews with some of my favorite prolific authors like Jayne Ann Krentz and Nora Roberts, both of whom seem just as fun as the women they create in their novels. However, they are crossover authors who are often on the mainstream interview shows. I think it's really great to see the authors who are strictly in the romance genre get the attention their work deserves - authors like Debbie Macomber, Lisa Kleypas,
Stephanie Laurens, and Sherrilyn Kenyon just to name a few. I even discovered a new author that I really enjoyed - Tessa Dare. (More about her in a later post.)

So check out Borders True Romance. And by the way, should anyone actually make the Crisp Chocolate Biscotti from the Book Club Recipes section, PLEEEEEEASE bring me some!!


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