Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend: Part II

Chasing Harry Winston
by Lauren Weisberger

The Premise: Three young women, friends since college, all reach turning points in their lives. Emmy, whose goal in life has always been marriage and a family, is dumped by her boyfriend right when she is expecting a ring. Adriana, beautiful daughter of a Brazilian model, has always played the field, but with her thirtieth birthday approaching, her mother’s warnings about not getting any younger make her consider settling down. Leigh has the perfect job and the perfect boyfriend and the perfect apartment, but she’s also having panic attacks and is fighting an addiction to Nicorette gum. (Hey, it beats smoking, right?) Emmy and Adriana vow to make some changes, with Emmy deciding to devote the next year to passionate flings and Adriana aiming for a long term relationship.
As for Leigh, she won’t acknowledge that she needs to make any changes until she is assigned to edit the work a well known novelist, and sparks begin to fly between the two.
The three girls find that the road to true love and the perfect diamond engagement ring doesn’t run according to plan.

What I liked: I truly liked all these characters, even in their most narcissistic or self-pitying moods. They do some brainless things in terms of their love lives, but they are the same brainless things every woman I know has done at one point or another. The book is well paced and tells a great story of friendship and self discovery with a little romance and lot of humor.

What I didn’t like: Can’t complain about anything. This was a lot of fun.

Overall: More chick lit than romance, but very entertaining. Perfect summer reading.

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