Thursday, July 31, 2008

Acheron is Here!!

The latest entry in the Dark Hunter series has arrived in the library and is currently posed suggestively on a book cart in Cataloging. I couldn’t resist sneaking a peek. The glossy hardcover weighs in at just over seven hundred pages and features Acheron’s symbol on the front and a really nice photo of author Sherrilyn Kenyon on the back. I admit that the author photo really should have nothing to do with whether or not I read a book, but I have found that a humorless author photo often graces a humorless book, and that’s something I just can’t stand. I am pleased to report that the Dark Hunter novels are known to contain a fair amount of quirky humor along with the paranormal romantic suspense elements, and Ms. Kenyon is obviously to thank for maintaining that balance.
The national release date for the book is August 4; put your name on the reserve list now if want to get your hands on this one anytime before Christmas. For those of you who have not met any of Dark Hunters before and don’t want to jump right into the story of the oldest and most elusive of them, fear not. I am ordering copies of the previous titles that are not currently in the system. Meanwhile, take a look at the website and get to know the characters; Ash himself will be among you soon enough…

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