Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Recently Read

I was once again cruising around in OverDrive and found a few favorite authors with titles available for checkout. I snagged the second book in Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series since I enjoyed the previous entries so much, and found a two volume set from Rex Stout, a mystery author I have always enjoyed. Here's the scoop on both.

My Soul To Save
by Rachel Vincent
Teenage banshee Kaylee Cavanaugh is trying to get used to controlling her wail and managing life with the father she is newly reunited with, but neither one is going too well. Being a banshee who needs to pass as human is tricky, and being a sixteen-year-old whose dad treats her like she's six is a drag. Things get even more complicated when Kaylee goes to a concert with her boyfriend, and when the singer collapses and dies onstage, Kaylee doesn't feel the urge to wail. As it happens, the singer literally has no soul, and so there is nothing to trigger Kaylee's banshee "soul song." As it happens, there's a whole group of teen stars that have been coerced into selling their souls for fame and fortune, and when an old friend of a friend needs help to avoid spending eternity in torment, Kaylee and her boyfriend Nash have to figure out how to out-bargain a hellion.
This is a fun urban fantasy story that raises some adult questions: just how much will people give for fame and fortune? At what age should people be held responsible for their actions? And -- could the talent agents that feed the Disney Media empire really be agents of unspeakable evil?!?!?

Tomorrow: Nero Wolfe!


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