Thursday, June 16, 2011

Recently Read: Part Two

Black Orchids & The Silent Speaker
By Rex Stout

Quintessential Wolfe! This two-book volume gives us the curmudgeonly detective in all his orchid-obsessed, food-loving, agoraphobic glory. In Black Orchids, Wolfe solves a mini-mystery at a flower show to get his hands on some rare black orchids. A small bouquet of these appear later on the coffin of a woman whose horrific murder he feels he failed to prevent. The Silent Speaker finds Wolfe taking on corporate conglomerates, the local police, and the FBI in order to find the person behind the murder of a government official and his brilliant and beautiful assistant. Through it all, the witty and dapper Archie Goodwin does Wolfe's legwork and narrates the stories. Great for fans of the classic detective story that emphasizes brains rather than forensics.


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