Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quick Looks -- Contemporary Romances

I've been going through a contemporary romance phase, having exhausted my supply of Regency releases. As always, I gravitated to those of the romantic comedy variety. Here are two that revisit the classic "heroine goes back to hometown and has to deal with the first guy she ever loved" storyline. Each one adds a little twist and provides a strong cast of secondary characters to make things more interesting.

Talk Me Down
by Victoria Dahl
Molly Jennings has two problems: a stalker has apparently followed her from Denver to her old hometown of Tumble Creek, and her life long crush is about to become her new flame. The problem? Chief of Police Ben Lawson is very straitlaced, and Molly makes her living writing erotic fiction under another name. What’s going to happen when the truth comes out? Though Molly has a few moments when I really thought she was being very stupid for a smart woman, she's quite likeable overall, as is Ben. This is sexy and fun, and moves at a fast pace.

Just One of the Guys
by Kristan Higgins
It’s hard to be the sister of four alpha male firefighters, especially if you faint at the sight of blood! Still, when Chastity O’Neill returns to her hometown, she’s treated as one of the guys. This is no help in terms of catching the eye of her first love, the one guy she’s never gotten over. Before she knows it, she’s going to singles events – with her mother! – and dating the handsome new doctor in town. But Chas decides she’s going to have to learn some feminine wiles if she wants her happily ever after with someone who sees her as just one of the guys. If you've ever felt klutzy or too tall or too smart, you'll relate to Chastity. And Trevor? He's the nice boy that everyone wanted to marry when they grew up. The O'Neill family and Chastity's dog Buttercup add a nice humorous touch to this story.

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