Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All About Love, but Not Exactly a Romance

The Pre-nup
By Beth Kendricks

The pre-nuptial agreement: not just for celebrities anymore. Three women who have been friends since college all reach a point when their love lives are defined less by hearts and flowers and more by clauses and signatures on dotted lines. Jen, Ellie, and Mara are all at different stages of their relationships. Ellie has been married for seven years and has a toddler, and has just found out that her very own Prince Charming has been playing doctor with someone whose email address is “Vixen MD.” Jen, who wed on the rebound, finds that she and her husband are growing apart just when her old flame reappears and she realizes he holds far less appeal than the man she married. Mara’s wedding is imminent when her fiancĂ© inserts a clause in the pre-nup she demanded, sending her into a spate of bad behavior that she cannot justify, even to herself. All of them could lose everything – based on a pre-nup. All three find that they need to take a good hard look at themselves rather than focusing on the fine print in the modern day equivalent of a marriage contract.

Although we learn quite a bit about the men in their lives, this story is as much about the friendship between the women as it is about their marriages. We see each woman’s story from her own point of view, with occasional chapters where two or three are together, offering each other the “helpful” advice only good friends can give. The author handles this pretty well; I didn’t get the sense that I was jumping around too much, but I sometimes wanted more detail about what had gone on with another character “offstage.”
The three women are all likeable, though I wanted to strangle each of them at least once for being so dense! The secondary characters are well drawn in spite of brief appearances. Overall, this is an entertaining book about friendship and life choices with a nice romantic element. I would recommend for fans of both chick-lit and romance.

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