Thursday, February 12, 2009

March RT has arrived!

This month’s Romantic Times has arrived, with a cover story on Robin Schone and her latest release Cry for Passion. Other features include a discussion of how authors are reinventing the vampire by tweaking the standard mythology, an interview with fantasy author Charles de Lint, an article about the Steampunk trend, and a conversation between authors Stephanie Bond and Beth Ciotta on the state of the contemporary romance. Spotlighted authors are Sophia Nash, Barry Eisler, Linda Winstead Jones, and Alisa Kwitney. As always, you will find reader columns in the Fan Forum, agents’ and authors’ perspectives in Pros on Prose, and 250 book reviews.


Cathie Linz said...

If you'd like me to send some book postcards for my new book SMART GIRLS THINK TWICE, just go to my website and email me from there. Thanks for all you do to support the genre! All the best, Cathie

Anne Coletta said...

Wow, steampunk, Charles de Lint, and Alisa Kwitney. I had no idea Romantic Times covered such a wide variety of genres!