Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quick Looks: Wild & Hexy

Wild & Hexy
by Vicki Lewis Thompson


Annie left Big Knob, Indiana 10 years ago with a big bang - off to a big name college, marrying the high school heartthrob, landing a great TV anchor position at a well known network in Chicago. Now, divorced and 20 pounds overweight (which resulted in her having been let go from her TV job) she’s a reporter for the Chicago Tribune. Coming home to act as matron of honor for her sister's wedding couldn't have come at a worse time for Annie’s floundering self-esteem. However, the surprise is that the best man is proving to be way more of a distraction than she could have ever imagined he would be.

Jeremy Dunstan is everyone's favorite geek in the small town of Big Knob, especially since he's just opened an internet coffee house called the Click-or-Treat Cafe. He's had a big time crush on former beauty queen Annie Winston since high school and is thrilled that she's back in town for a couple weeks. However, he's still so shy and clumsy around her that he despairs of ever catching her interest romantically.
Enter Dorcas and Ambrose Lowell, a couple of wacky newcomers who have opened a matchmaking business. What isn't so well known is that they just happen to be a witch and wizard who are in the business of bringing together soul-mates. A little boost in confidence for Jeremy is just what they think is needed to push this romance along - that and maybe a close encounter with a lonely loch monster!!

This one was really fun. Some silly, some serious. I really loved Jeremy but Annie could have used a bit of a goose toward the end. I also thought the dragon with ADD and the poker playing raccoons were just a bit over the top but....ooops, did I give too much away? Hmmmm. Well, this was the second book by Lewis set in Big Knob and I liked it enough to check out the first – Over Hexed. I started it the other night and it promises to be fun as well. If you like romantic comedy with a little paranormal twist, try either of these titles!

Reviewed by Michele

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