Tuesday, September 16, 2008

October Romantic Times on the Shelf

The latest issue of RT landed on my desk and I was happy to see that the cover story is about one of my favorite romantic suspense authors – Cherry Adair. The creator of T-FLAC is back this fall with a new paranormal trilogy; titles will be released in October, November and December. Night Fall, Night Secrets, and Night Shadow feature a trio of wizards whom Adair describes as “foster brothers, of sorts” and are set in the exotic locales the author is known for. Check out her website for the “mission intel” and reserve your copies today.
Also featured is an interview with author Heather Graham, who discusses her new series and how she got started in writing. Other stories include a look at western historicals, which seem to be making a comeback; how the work of a forensic artist inspires a new novel by author Laura Griffin, and a calendar of winter book releases. In addition, you will find the usual fan forum, author clubhouse, and 250 book reviews. There’s a lot to look forward to this fall and winter; stop by the Reference Desk and make your requests!

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