Thursday, September 4, 2008

On the Book Cart

More reissues and replacements this week, with a few notable exceptions. Roxanne St. Claire’s latest Bullet Catchers title is in; Now You Die is the story of Lucy Sharpe, the firm’s owner, and Jack Culver, a former lover and Bullet Catcher that she fired. This is the third in a trilogy that follows the story of a woman wrongly convicted of murder and the hunt for the daughters she gave up. I am looking forward to reading Lucy’s story; I really enjoyed the first book in the trilogy, and while the heroine in the second was so annoying I started rooting for the bad guys, the overarching story line was still compelling.
Out in hardcover are two stories of reevaluating love. Rogue by Danielle Steel tells the story of Maxine, an amicably divorced woman who is all set to remarry when her ex-husband experiences a life altering event. He needs Maxine’s help with a humanitarian project, and proximity forces the two to confront some unsettled issues between them. Cartoonist Sarah Moon sees her “perfect life” go up in smoke in Just Breathe by Susan Wiggs. She returns to her hometown and runs into the high school heart throb that she had never expected to see again, and has to rethink her definition of “perfect.”

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