Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Of Kindles and Free Love

So I got this Kindle for Christmas, and I was really excited, but kind of torn. On the one hand it's a cool gadget, and owning it means I won't have to haul a totebag of books through the airport every time I go on vacation. On the other hand, I've gotten pretty used to not having to pay for books, since I work at a library and can usually put my hands on five or six things I'd like to read that I can take home for free, and then return, thus avoiding both cost and clutter. I was therefore having a hard time talking myself into buying ebooks; clutter free yes, cost free no. And then, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a whole slew of FREE ebooks! Not just the public domain stuff either, but some relatively new releases by both mid-list and bestselling authors, including many romance titles. EUREKA!! Not only can I get my favorite classics (Pride and Prejudice, anyone?) but I can also try some new authors that are not currently in the library collection, and see if I feel they are worth buying with our limited budget. So, while I still have some very mixed feelings about the whole proprietary nature of the Amazon Kindle e-reader experience, I am definitely becoming a fan of the format and the freebies. In fact, my next review will cover His Lady Mistress by Elizabeth Rolls, currently underway via Kindle. Watch this space for a review of both book and e-reading experience!

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