Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Regency Romance at Any Age

Given that the average age of young ladies on the marriage mart in Regency England was 16-18, I’ve always been surprised that I haven’t found more Young Adult romances set in that time period. The teen years are fraught with angst and drama, much of which revolves around love, fashion, love, gossip, love, social events, love, cruel parents who Simply Don’t Understand, love, the need for funds so that one can stay au courant, and -- of course – love. The list is like a recipe for a Regency plot! I know any book with a romance sticker goes out of the library frequently – as much in the YA section as the adult collection, so I was happy to find the blog NineteenTeen. Penned by authors Marissa Doyle and Regina Scott, it’s full of interesting info about the life of Regency era teens, including color plates of fashions of the time. It also includes a look back at news, recipes, and customs, and offers reviews of books both old and new. The blog contains links to the authors’ websites, so you can check out the fiction they are publishing. If you are a fan of all things Regency, this is a nice blog to check in on.

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