Thursday, May 1, 2008

On the Book Cart

Fans of the classic Regency romance will be glad to know that a dozen original Georgette Heyer titles have been reissued, with more planned. The library has just acquired Black Sheep, Cotillion, Lady of Quality, and An Infamous Army. Although one should never judge a book by its cover, I must say that these books are gorgeous, with classic oil paintings reproduced for cover art and beautiful typesetting, all in trade paperback size for easy reading. Other historicals include Gabriel’s Lady by Charlotte Hubbard, set in St. Louis in the late 1800’s, and Anne Gracie’s The Stolen Princess, the story of a princess in disguise and on the run to save her son’s life.
There are two entries in the contemporary romantic suspense category: Rachel Lee’s The Hunted and Wendy Corsi Staub’s Dying Breath. The Hunted features an investigative journalist and an FBI agent taking on some big players in the international sex slave trade. Dying Breath is a classic serial killer story.
Magic is a feature of the historical paranormal Bewitched by Sandra Schwab, and also of the contemporary paranormal Do You Believe in Magic? by Ann Macela. Another kind of magic is the subject of Sharon Sala’s The Healer, the story of a man who has the ability to connect with animals and heal the sick, and who himself becomes one of the hunted. Ghosts and vampires are featured in Kresley Cole’s Dark Deeds at Night’s Edge, Lara Adrian’s Midnight Rising, and Julie Leto’s Phantom Pleasures. Check the catalog to place reserves.

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