Thursday, April 24, 2008

On the Book Cart

There’s a wide variety to choose from on the cart this week, from series romance to classic historicals. Positive I.D. by Kathleen Long offers a quick shot of romantic suspense with the story of a government agent who had to fake his own death to escape a criminal vendetta and who is forced to reveal himself years later to save his wife and daughter. There’s also a bit of suspense in Dianne Castell’s Hot and Bothered, when a Savannah hotel magnate hires a sexy private investigator to help find the missing heir to the family fortune. In When She Was Bad, Cindy Kirk’s heroine Jenny Carman decides that since playing by the rules has gotten her nowhere, she’s going to play the bad girl and play the field, but she has a little problem with her double identity when she meets Mr. Right. Jackie Laurens is Flirting with Forty, recently divorced, and beginning a new romance with her surfing instructor in Jane Porter’s novel of mid-life love and reinvention. This week’s historicals include a retelling of “The Taming of the Shrew” set in 19th century Scotland in Hope Tarr’s Untamed. Elizabeth Hoyt begins a new four volume series called “Legend of the Four Soldiers” with To Taste Temptation, in which an “uncivilized” American businessman and former military man woos one of London’s most sophisticated ladies. Another commoner is the hero of Sylvia Day’s Don’t Tempt Me; mercenary Simon Quinn doesn’t quite know what hit him when he gets involved with identical twins, each with her own reason for keeping him in the dark. Last but not least, Amanda Quick’s latest Arcane Society novel, The Third Circle, has arrived. In this story, mesmerist Thaddeus Ware is sent by the Society to steal a powerful crystal, only to find that lovely Leona Hewitt has beaten him to it, and he must protect both of them to complete his mission. Reserve any or all by checking the catalog.

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