Friday, April 18, 2008

eHarlequin – Not Just for Shopping!

I was noodling around online planning the summer paperback collection the other day when I decided to visit the cyber-home of Harlequin. Given the tremendous number of imprints and lines they have, I figured this was a great spot to find a mother lode of romance titles and authors. Well, I did find a wide variety of authors and series and new titles, but I also found a lot more. In addition to traditional shopping functions, eHarlequin also offers an area where you can read stories and excerpts with daily “Online Reads.” What a great way to test drive new authors or series! For those of who close many a romance novel with the words “I could do this!” there is a “Learn to Write” section, which includes helpful articles, writer’s guidelines for each imprint, new author profiles, checklists for the mechanics of submitting manuscripts, a forum for aspiring and published authors, and a fee-based individual manuscript critique service. You can also sign up for newsletters and publication alerts. Overall, this site has a lot to offer for romance fans, and is fairly easy to navigate. Whether or not you are a regular reader of Harlequin imprints, it’s worth checking out.

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