Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Vow I'll Never Read One

While flipping through a copy of PW that had only just made it's way to my desk, I came across a story about the introduction of a new subgenre -- "reality based romance." Kidding, right? Because about the last thing I want in my escapist-happily-ever-after-light-frothy reading material is reality. I'm fine with my fictional characters having some rough times, coming from tough backgrounds, having baggage, etc. What I am not interested in is "fictionalized memoir." And I am really not interested in having best-selling authors turning real life stories into some kind of reality based contemporary romance. The concept has me completely underwhelmed. I should confess right here that I don't like reality TV either, with the exception of certain offerings on HGTV, and even those sometimes make me sneer. There's just something about people wanting to take major events in their private lives public that I find extremely distasteful. The opinionated and somewhat prissy Connecticut Yankee in my soul sees such displays and responds with a combination of "Get over yourselves, sweet peas" and "tacky, tacky, tacky." But I understand that it's a popular thing, this reality TV, so maybe the books will be too. I have enough good fiction in my TBR collection that I couldn't spend any time on these even if I wanted to, but if it's your cup of tea, check the new titles out at
HCI Communications Vows website.

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