Friday, August 28, 2009

Reading Roundup

I've been reading a pretty wide variety of books lately, not limited to romance. The three titles I've finished most recently include a straight contemporary romance, a paranormal, and a mystery with a strong romantic subplot. Brief reviews below, hopefully with some longer ones next week -- if I get through my weekend reading!

Death’s Bright Angel
by Janet Neel
Though first published in 1988, this mystery still feels timely as it deals with government subsidies to failing industries. The first in a series featuring trade ministry executive Francesca Wilson and Detective Inspector John McLeish is well-paced and has an entertaining cast of characters. This contemporary British police procedural with a romantic subplot offers a moderately tricky puzzle with lots of local color.

Vision in White
by Nora Roberts
This contemporary romance is the story of Mackensie Elliot, wedding photographer and cynic, at least where romance is concerned. Along with her three closest friends, Mac runsVows, a premiere wedding business, but in the face of her self-involved mother, her absent father, and clients tyingthe knot for the second or third time, she has a hard timebelieving she’ll find her own happily ever after.

Obsidian Prey
by Jayne Castle
The latest installment in the Harmony series does not dis-
appoint. Featuring Vincent, an artistic dust bunny, Lyra
Dore, an amber tuner with an affinity for amethyst, and
Cruz Sweetwater, the handsome CEO of Amber Inc., this
story includes jumped claims, stolen artifacts, murder and
art forgery in a fast read full of romance, light suspense,
and subtle humor.

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