Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Intertwined Crosses Over

by Gena Showalter

The title of this new Young Adult book is very well chosen. This one has a ton of stuff – psychics, vampires, shapeshifters, fairies, witches, spirit possession, time travel, zombies...and somehow it all gets pulled together into an interesting first book in a series that I definitely want to read more of.

Aden is a sixteen year old with a lot to deal with – namely the four other souls, all with special powers, who share his body. He has learned to live with them and how to avoid major catastrophes for the most part, but what he really craves is solitude. Then, incredibly, he finds a girl who can do just that – silence the voices of the others in his head. Unfortunately, the spark of contact between them sets off a series of “calls” to a whole host of paranormal beings and monsters who are being drawn to Aden and to the small town where he thought he’d finally found a moment of peace.

I read this one because it was by an established paranormal romance author that I follow and because I also enjoy YA books – especially paranormals. I really liked that it wasn’t written in first person – a common occurrence in YA literature but something I’m not personally fond of.

The author was clearly trying to appeal to the teen Twilight audience with their current seemingly insatiable appetite for anything vampire/paranormal. I also think she nailed it with this new series. Although it is definitely more graphic in its horror scene descriptions than her usual adult romance readers are used to (I kept thinking “Eeew, gross! The kids will love this!”) I do think there is the potential for a crossover audience. Try it. If you can make it through the first graveyard scene without being too grossed out, I think you’ll like the twists and turns this book makes.

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