Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quick Looks: I'm In No Mood For Love

I’m In No Mood For Love
By Rachel Gibson

Contemporary Romance

The Premise: The day of her friend Lucy’s wedding, Clare Wingate stops home unexpectedly and finds her fiance on the floor of her closet, doing the wild thing with the Maytag repairman. Stunned, she turns and flees, somehow getting through the wedding, dressed in pink from head to toe and wearing her best fake smile. After that it all becomes a blur, right up until she wakes up the next morning in someone else’s hotel room wearing nothing but a (pink) thong. Before she can make her escape Sebastian Vaughn, her childhood crush, emerges from the shower. He’s wearing nothing but a towel and a knowing grin, so Clare naturally presumes the worst. She vows then and there to swear off men until she figures out why she keeps picking the wrong ones. As for Sebastian, he likes his lifestyle as a footloose and fancy free globetrotting journalist, so even though the little girl with the braids and thick glasses has grown up and filled out nicely, he’s not interested. They both know that getting involved with each other in any way is a bad idea, and besides, other than a little chemistry, there’s really nothing there. Right? Right!?!

What I liked: Both Clare and Sebastian are interesting people with careers, families, and the baggage that comes with them. In the course of the book, both have to do a little soul searching in terms of the various relationships they have or have had with different people in their lives. This puts the evolution of their relationship into context, and makes the obstacles the two face very believable. The secondary characters are pretty vivid and enjoyable as well.

What I didn’t like: Can’t complain. I really enjoyed this one from beginning to end.

Overall: This is the second in Gibson’s series of stories featuring four girlfriends, and the second one I’ve read. I have really enjoyed both and intend to read the others. This is a fun contemporary romance with both chemistry and humor.

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