Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Darkness is coming!.....FINALLY!!

The second two books in the Darkness Chosen series by Christina Dodd are due out this summer. Have you read the first two? If not, now is the time to grab them and devour them.

The series is based on the Wilder men and their determination to end a 1000 year old family curse. A millennium ago the Wilder’s Ukrainian ancestor, Konstantine Varinsky, made a pact with the devil himself by selling his soul and those of his descendents in exchange for power. Since that time, all Varinsky males were given the power to change into predatory animals and unusually long lives with which to do as much evil as possible.

Only one son, another Konstantine, has broken with that evil tradition by falling in love and running away with his gypsy lover. They moved from the Ukraine to the USA to build a new life together, changing their name to Wilder and raising their children to resist the curse and overcome the evil nature of the beasts they become. Since Konstantine’s defection, however, the nature of the pact between Satan and the Varinskys has been corrupted. A new prophecy is made – his sons must find their true loves and the four broken pieces of the sacred Varinsky family icon in order to break the curse or Konstantine will die and lose his immortal soul.

Touch of Darkness (Book 1)
In an attempt to finally declare her secret love for her boss, secretary Ann Smith travels to Jasha Wilder’s secluded home to hand deliver some papers that could have waited for his return to the office. Unfortunately for Ann, she discovers the family secret as she accidentally witnesses Jasha change from wolf to man. Ann proceeds to plunge into a world of shapeshifters and evil as the two begin to try to break the family curse and save Jasha’s father from eternal damnation.

Scent of Darkness (Book 2)
Archaeologist Rurik Wilder and photographer Tasya Hunnicutt have a turbulent past and never miss an opportunity to snipe at each other. When the ancient tomb that Rurik has been excavating is bombed by the Varinsky clan, Rurik and Tasya go on the run. Both are keeping secrets from the other – his shapeshifting nature and her mysterious reason for her vendetta against the Varinsky family – which must be revealed if they are to fulfill their part of the prophecy.

I’m a sucker for good characters and especially enjoyed the second book in this set. I found the curse and prophecy interesting as a premise and the characters were likeable and mostly believable given the paranormal nature of the plot. While the relationship of the main characters is satisfactorily resolved, the author creates quite a cliffhanger of an ending in regard to the future possibility of breaking the curse, so I’m really looking forward to the next two.

Into the Shadow will be out on July 1st and Into the Flame will be released August 5th. We have them on order, so put your request in now!

Reviewed by Michele

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